Fleur Security Suite

girl-ipad-smallHaving unlimited broadband access can be great for all the family, but it has never been more important to make sure that your online experience is protected and more importantly, that your family is safe.

The first product to receive UK BSi Kite Mark for Online Child Safety, Fleur Security Suite is our way of making sure that your family can browse the web safely and confidently.

  • Block inappropriate websites
  • Monitor usage of your family members
  • Set time limits per activity, to control access during certain times of the day

As well as antivirus protection, Fleur Security Suite has integrated Symantec Endpoint Protection. What does this mean? It means that it can proactively identify files that are at risk and stop threats without slowing you down, so you won’t even realise.

Simply download it onto your device and place restrictions on the content that can be viewed, dispel distractions during homework time and protect your network from harmful websites.

Fleur Security Suite is included in the price of all our 12-month broadband packages, or is available for £2 per month with 30-day broadband contracts. Add it to your service today by calling 0333 320 4020 or fill out our quick and easy enquiry form.