Fleur Call Features

Make sure that your landline works best for you and your family, with Fleur Call Features.

With most costing just 82p/month, you can tailor your home phone to suit your needs. Call us today on 0333 320 4020 and add call features to your home phone service.

Call Waiting – 82p/m

Three-way Calling – 82p/m

Call waiting When you are mid-conversation, let us tell you when you have another call coming through. This feature allows you to manage your calls more efficiently and stops you from missing those all-important telephone calls. Save time making plans with friends by calling two people at the same time. This works on international calls also, so no matter where your friends or family might be, you can share those precious catch-ups.

Reminder Call – 82p/m

Ring Back – 82p/m

Don’t miss out on important events – turn your home phone into an alarm clock. Without a snooze button, it is sure to get your attention. We don’t want you to waste your time trying the same number again and again until it is free. By simply dialing ‘5’, we will call you back when the line is no longer engaged, so you can get on with your day.

Call Diversion – 82p/m

Caller Display – Free

If you’re expecting a call but need to get on with your day, why not divert your incoming calls to another landline or mobile number? So you can get your chores done and still receive your home phone calls. Let the choice be yours and say goodbye to time-wasting sales calls. We will tell you who is calling, so you can decide whether or not to answer.

1471 – Free

1571 – 82p/m

Want to know who’s called whilst you were away from your phone? Simply dial 1471, and you can even return the call straight away by pressing ‘3’. Pick up voicemails which have been left for you whilst you were away, or busy chatting on the phone by dialling 1571.

Call Barring – 82p/m

Anonymous Call Rejection – 82p/m

This handy feature gives you the power to control the calls that can be made from your phone, or even bar incoming calls. This function allows you to stop calls from people who have withheld their number so they’ll only get through to you if they reveal the number they’re calling on.

Choose to Refuse – 82p/m

Call Sign – 82p/m

This is the end of nuisance or unwanted calls. Put a stop to them by preventing them from getting through to you. You can block up to 10 numbers with this feature. A nifty little feature so that when the phone rings, you will know who the call is for before you answer.

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