Fleur Call Packages

We know that the best person to know who you call and when, is you. Tailor your bundle to suit your conversations by choosing from our call packages.

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Important information

– All prices are inclusive of VAT
– Bundles include calls made to local and national numbers beginning with 01, 02 and 03
– Evening calls refer to calls made before 7am and after 7pm Monday-Friday
– Weekend calls refer to calls made from midnight Friday to midnight Sunday
– All inclusive calls are up to a duration of 60 minutes. Any calls over 60 minutes will be charged at the standard rate. Redial before 60 minutes to avoid charges
– Call packages exclude indirect access numbers and dial-up internet access
– Fair usage policy applies – maximum 2,000 minutes per month. If this limit is exceeded, there will be a charge for these calls at the equivalent rate for non-inclusive periods
– To view the list of countries included in the UK Anytime + International Calls bundle, please click here. Other countries are at discounted rates to the standard tariff.

For more details on our call pricing, please click here.