Fleur Fibre Unlimited Broadband

Up to five times faster than traditional broadband, fibre is built for the heavier broadband user. Fleur Fibre offers your home a high speed, high quality internet connectivity. With two fibre options available, Fleur Fibre Simplicity and Fleur Fibre Simplicity+, the choice is truly yours when it comes to your download speeds.

And who are we to stand in your way? All our broadband packages come with unlimited downloads, so you can browse and download as much as you like, with peace of mind that you won’t get any surprise charges.

So if you want to download music on your computer, whilst the kids stream their favourite show on the tablet device – Fleur Fibre will ensure that there are no interruptions.


The choice is yours

Fleur Fibre Unlimited Broadband is available with or without line rental. So if you already have a line rental provider that you are happy with that isn’t a problem, you can still be a Fleur Telecom customer.

To see our packages, please visit our packages page found here.

What is fibre broadband and how does it work?

Fibre broadband is not like traditional broadband. Traditional broadband uses copper cables to transmit internet connectivity from the exchange to your home via the cabinet on your street.

As the name suggests, Fleur Fibre broadband travels over fibre optic cabling from the exchange to the cabinet, with only the section from the cabinet to your home running over copper cables.

Fibre diagram

This means that with fibre you can benefit from speeds up to five times faster than that of standard broadband, allowing you to do more, faster and all at the same time.

Fibre broadband is not available everywhere, but it is being rolled out to more and more exchanges every week. If fibre hasn’t quite made its way to you yet, we will continue to monitor availability and let you know when you are eligible to sign up.

Fibre installation and router connection

  1. Call our UK-based contact centre on 0333 320 4020 to discuss the best fibre broadband package for you.
  2. We’ll talk you through the following two options, and you can decide what suits you:
    A) Self-install: This option is the most flexible as it allows you to connect the router yourself. We will inform you of the earliest activation date, but you are welcome to select a later date if you wish. There is no additional cost for this option.
    B) Managed install: An engineer will visit your property to install the fibre connection and set-up the router. You’ll need to provide us with three dates when you will be there, but you can let us know whether morning or afternoon is best for you*. There is a one-off charge of £50 to cover the cost of the engineer visiting your property.
  3. If you select option A, you’ll receive your new router in the post, and we’ll notify you when you should connect your router. If you select option B, a BT Openreach engineer will install your fibre connection and set up your router. They’ll check everything’s working before they leave and answer any questions you might have.

*Charges may apply if you miss your appointment or change your three selected dates.

Interested in Fleur Fibre Unlimited Broadband?

Check Availability

Contact us using the details below:

Call us: 0333 320 4020
Email us: enquiries@fleurtelecom.co.uk

Important information

Our routers are included free of charge with minimum 12-month contracts. An additional charge of £8.50 will apply for 48-hour delivery. Other delivery options are available. For more information, click here to view Our Tariffs: http://fleurtelecom.co.uk/pricing/.
For fibre products, an installation charge of £50 applies to customers choosing the managed install option where an engineer attends the property. No installation charge applies to customers choosing self-install.
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